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Technology and the Internet have now become the prime movers of business and corporate expansion. By harnessing technology, particularly the Internet and social media, businesses can grow exponentially to reach international audiences in a cost-effective manner.

At Stratagem Consultants, we help companies identify and add value to their businesses by leveraging on technology trends. . We develop effective marketing communications campaigns and Internet strategies to best position our clients in a rapidly changing technological landscape.

Our forte lies in strategic counsel on how companies can transform themselves from purely “bricks & mortar” businesses to Internet players, adding a new dimension to their communication and marketing strategies as well as business and revenue models, and hence unlocking significant value for our clients.

Stratagem Consultants is also skillful in helping Internet start-ups manage and implement effective communications campaigns to create awareness and understanding of the businesses and attract the relevant investors and venture capital funding.

We offer strategic communications counsel and services in the following areas:
  • Online and offline branding;
  • Internet /technology media relations;
  • Advertising and promotion campaigns; and
  • Online Investor relations


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