About Us

Successful companies today recognize the value of strong corporate reputation to their stakeholders. Whether tapping financial markets for business growth, achieving dominant market share or attracting top talents, these organizations share a common goal, which is to capture the attention of their target audience.

At Stratagem Consultants, we form partnerships with companies and government agencies to develop strategic messaging platforms, corporate branding programmes and creative publicity campaigns to accomplish the communications goals of our clients.

Headquartered in Singapore, Stratagem Consultants is well-positioned and has an impressive track record in advising, planning and executing successful communication campaigns and projects for clients from multiple industries and backgrounds and from different markets in Asia, Europe and the US.

What We Do

Stratagem Consultants is staffed by professionals with a broad spectrum of experience and skills. Our ability to weld this unique pooling of diverse talents often leads to powerful perspectives and insights valued by our clients. Our consultants come from broadcast, international media, financial newspapers, wire agencies and online media, as well as from financial institutions and securities firms, branding consultancies, and other corporations.

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