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Successful companies and governments recognize the increasing influence of strong and credible corporate reputation among their stakeholders. Be they seeking ways to manage their funds and tapping financial markets for business growth, garnering good responses to public policies, attracting the most talented to their organizations or achieving dominant market share for its products -- one common thread runs through these diverse desires. They are jostling to capture the attention and imagination of specific target communities or the public.

At Stratagem Consultants, we seek to work hand in hand with business leaders and executives who appreciate the value of sound strategic communications in their corporate agendas. With a keen eye on global developments and market trends, we bring forth perspectives with fresh dimensions to our clients as they redefine their businesses and enhance long-term growth. We offer advice on strategic positioning that seizes market opportunities and identify issues impacting our clients’ business health and growth. We also develop specific strategies and implement plans to address pertinent issues.

Stratagem Consultants is staffed by professionals with a broad spectrum of experiences and skills in the fields of media, business, public relations and communications. Our ability to integrate this unique pooling of diverse talents often leads to powerful perspectives and insights valued by clients from all sectors. With proven effectiveness in developing sound plans and successful programmes, Stratagem Consultants has become a familiar and trusted name among business leaders and executives in the region.

Headquartered in Singapore, Stratagem has a proven track record in advising, planning and executing successful communication programmes for clients from diverse industry sectors -- from banking, and finance to electronics and technology. Stratagem also works with affiliates in the ASEAN region, Australia and New Zealand and major markets such as Hong Kong, London and New York in coordinating and executing programmes for clients.

Stratagem Consultants offers a comprehensive suite of services in three key practices areas:

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